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Level 6 Shredding
PO Box 14061
San Francisco CA 94114-0061

By Appointment, M-F, 8a - 5p
1 block west of Castro Street
between 18th and 19th Streets

Level 6 Shredding
139A Collingwood Street
San Francisco CA 94114
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Walk-In, Witnessed, T-W-Th, 10a - 3p
One block east of 3rd Street
at the corner of Yosemite Avenue
and Keith Street

Level 6 Shredding
1555 Yosemite Avenue #11
San Francisco CA 94124
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service hours
call 1 (415) 341-1003
Client's : By Appointment, 8am - 5pm, M-F
Castro : By Appointment, 8am - 5pm, M-F
Bayview : Walk-In, 10am - 3pm, T-W-Th

office hours
8am - 5pm, M-F

contact numbers
1 (415) 341-1003
1 (415) 822-3001

About Our Company
Level 6 Shredding provides it's San Francisco business, professional and residential client with on-site, in-location, and drop-off document shredding and computer hard drive destruction services.

We feature the smallest crosscut shred and the best value in San Francisco.

Specializing in high security shredding and data destruction requests, our service logistics eliminate chain-of-custody and external interference concerns.

Level 6 Shredding lowers your costs, increases your security standards, and minimizes your storage requirements.

Using Level 6 Shredding saves you time and money.

An explanation of "level 6" will best explain why we chose Level 6 Shredding for our name.

In the context of shredding, level 6 is a destruction rating. "6" represents the most destruction on a scale of 1 to 6. The rating as applied to shred waste can be viewed in terms of reconstructability. As it infers, reconstructability is putting all the shredded document pieces back together again. A level 6 rating represents shred waste considered un-reconstructable.
reference: Wikipedia.org - Paper Shredder

Service Objectives
To provide high confidence, high security document shredding and data destruction.

To provide customer controlled service logistics that eliminate chain-of-custody concerns and outside interference concerns.

To provide customer convenient service options that minimize pre-shredding storage space requirements.

Our approach is to focus first on effectiveness then efficiency.

We feature four paper shredding options, each with a different level of security and destruction effectiveness.

We can shred and destroy in-location to offer our client maximum control.

We work to accomodate the unique needs of each client with flexible minimum-service requirements that help save space, money and eliminate pre-shredding storage security concerns.

We own and operate top-of-the-line, continuous-duty shredding and destruction machinery.

Our shredding equipment was evaluated, rated, and is listed [*] by the National Security Agency/Central Security Service as high security.

Our computer hard-drive destruction equipment was also evaluated, rated, and is listed [**] by the National Security Agency/Central Security Service as high security.

[*] NSA/CSS EPL-02-01-T dated 30 April 2007

[**] NSA/CSS EPL, 04 December 2007, Degausser Evaluated Products List
This link opens a new window and displays this PDF document from our server. Pages 1, 4, 7, 8, and 9 of this document are the most informative. Our equipment was manufactured by Applied Magnetics Laboratory for Whitaker Brothers and is listed on page 4. Pages 1, 7, 8, and 9 provide short and informative explanations of the degaussing process. The definition of degaussing, and other terms that describe the process are provided as well.

Our results are clearly effective.

Our equipment, our personnel and our service logistics produce unparalleled destruction with convenient, on-the-spot and instant results.

Our client knows, when we walk out the door, the job is done.

We will do what we say or you don't pay. Simple and straight-forward, just like our service.

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